• Benefits of Advertising
    Increase your brand awareness and exposure by advertising your product or service in Reset Your Crown. Because the magazine is online, your ad’s shelf life will last longer than fliers and other traditional print media. Every ad is linked to your website for additional lead generation. Don’t have time to create an ad? Design services are $25.

    Ad Sizes & Rates

    Quarter Page

    Dimensions: 4.25×5.75
    Introductory Rate: $25

    Half Page

    Dimensions: 8.25×5.75
    Introductory Rate: $50

    Full Page


    Dimensions: 8.25×11.75
    Introductory Rate: $100

  • Photography Services

    Creative Photography Collage

    Our team can  photograph you with creativity and style.


    Perfect for helping you promote your business or service. Use them for your online profile, business cards and fliers. Includes one hour of session time, make-up application and five edited digital images.


    Beauty & Glamour

    Treat yourself to a beautiful studio session. Give the images as a gift, display the artwork in your home, or keep them just for yourself. Professional styling and two make-up looks polish off this creative service. Includes three hours of session time with as many looks as we can fit into your time. Purchase your folio boxes, framed and metallic prints, and albums separately.

    $150 or $100 each if you bring your best friend, sister, mother or daughter.


    How do you dream of being photographed? Tell us, and we’ll work to make it happen. Creative sessions are done in studio or on location depending on your ideas. We’ll meet to discuss how we’ll create your vision and how you’ll look prior to your shoot. Express your alter-ego, fantasy life or take gorgeous photos on the beach at sunrise.